What’s a good fitness plan for someone who isn’t allowed out much?

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Question by justasking: What’s a good fitness plan for someone who isn’t allowed out much?
I’ve been trying to run everyday for at least a mile or 2, but my parents rarely let me out by myself because of our neighborhood. so I never really get my exercise… I’m trying to lose weight, a looot too. but i can’t seem to do anything at home. but recently my parents bought a trampoline and a exercise bike so i was wondering what your suggestions are in ways i can use this to the best of my ability and lose weight? :/

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Answer by Nasira Cook
the we exercise or the zumba works good

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  1. Samantha says:

    Toe Touchers – 20
    Side Bends – 20 per side
    Twists – 35
    Squats – 15
    Arm Circles – 20 each direction
    Mule Kicks – 25 per side
    Leg lifts – 20 per side
    Front Kicks – 20 per side
    The workout Begins
    Do the first exercise at full speed for 20 seconds (the hard set), do the next set for 30 seconds at medium speed (the easy set), and repeat. Easy sets are mainly abs.
    20 Sec Set – 30 sec Set
    Jumping Jacks Side
    Jumping Jacks Front (arms and legs go front to back)
    High Knees (run in place lifting knees as high as possible)
    Leg ups – lower abs (lay on back and lift butt off ground, feet to ceiling)
    High Knees
    Leg ups – lower abs
    Situps to the side, each side
    Situps to the side, (side sit ups do one side then the other)
    Mountain Climbers (pushup position and run in place)
    Mason Twists (situp position halfway up, now twist back and forth over and over)
    Mountain Climbers
    Cycling Situps – Alternating
    Fast punches
    Slow punches while jogging
    Fast punches
    Jog in place
    Lumberjacks (standing with hands behind head like a situp, now lift knee to opposite elbow…)
    Cool Down Jog

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