What’s the best fitness plan for me?

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Question by Damon4000: What’s the best fitness plan for me?
I am 27yo, 5’7″, 138lbs, Asian and have been trying to beef up my figure by going (on and off) to the gym for a year now and watching my diet. I’m taking protein supplements and watchful of my carb intake. Most internet resources available deal only with exercise and most meals are too foreign for an Asan like me. I particularly would like to increase my shoulder, chest and bi/triceps size. What is the best mix of exercise and diet for me? Any suggestions?

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Answer by Joey K
Yea, I’m a bodybuilder and I see HUUGE Asians at my gym. What kind of protein are you taking? You should take whey protein, 1 gram per pound of body weight. I recommend Optimum Nutrition- the cheapest and the best.

You have to lift very heavy weights- but don’t injure yourself. Work up to it slowly. You CAN do it, don’t believe that you can’t. You have to rest body parts, so dont work the same body part two days in a row.

Do something like this Day One: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps Day Two: Trapezius (part between shoulders and neck), Back, and Biceps. Do shoulder shrugs for Traps (be careful, go slow with very heavy weight)- that makes your upper body look very large, and it is one muscle that girls do not work out, so you’ll def look like a guy.

Tell me how it goes.

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2 Responses to “What’s the best fitness plan for me?”
  1. dP says:

    do a search on ‘bobybuilder’s next frontier’ by chad waterbury
    and t-dawg 2.0 for a diet strictly for bulking up……if you follow both to a T you’ll see some excellent results

  2. Leeky Wind says:

    Don’t rely on the protein supplements too much, try to take more in from your diet. Most body builders seem to each lots of tuna, chicken, turkey, steak. There are non-meat sources of protein but you need to make more of an effort to ensure you are getting all the amino acids you need.

    Don’t limit you carbs too much, these give you the fuel to work hard and lift heavy weights. When you are trying to put on weight as muscle it is inevitable you will put on a bit of fat too, don’t worry about, when you reach your desired weight you can cut back on the carbs and fat and lose the fat then. Otherwise you will inhibit the growth you are looking for.

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