Will this diet and fitness plan work for me?

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Question by Kendall Nicole: Will this diet and fitness plan work for me?
I am 5’1 and weigh 120 pounds. I don’t think I am fat…just “healthier” then I wanna be. If I do a low carb diet…eggs for breakfast, grilled chicken, veggies etc. for lunch and dinner. PLUS running 3 miles 3-4 times a week….CAN i lose 7-10 by april 24th? Any advice, tips etc.???

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Answer by SassyLassy
Possibly. But everyone’s body is different. It really depends on how you metabolise foods and what type of frame you have. Also what is your body fat %? It also depends on how fast your run those 3 miles. On your alternate non-running days consider doing yoga or pilates. That will help tremendously. If you workout 6-days a week, make sure you have 1 day of rest where you don’t workout at all. Your body needs recovery time which is extremely important.

Sounds like you are approaching it sensibly.

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