Will you please help me with a fitness plan?

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fitness plan
by kidmissile

Question by Snicker: Will you please help me with a fitness plan?
Okay so im 13 and i want to lose 15 to 20 pounds as soon as possible. I know its not easy losing weigt so can someone please help me with a fitness and diet plan.

Please fill in the blanks-

Also i want to excersize at least 1 hour a day so what r some good active things i could do.
How many callories should i lose a day?

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Answer by Alina
Breakfast: Two hard boild eggs, one slice of whole wheat toast and one cup orange juice.

snack: one piece of fruit

lunch: fruit salad or a tunaéturkey sanwich without any dressing. (with lettuce)

snack: a piece of fruit and yogurt.

dinner: chicken or fish with steamed vegetables or side salad.

dessert(optional) – some dark chocolate.

Exercise: (45 minutes, five times a week)

monday: 30 minutes walk, and 15 miinutes dancing.

tuesday: same

wednesday: one hour cycling or swimming

thursday: 45 minutes jog or running

friday: same as wednesday

You should aim to burn 500 calories a day. and consume 1400 calories.

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One Response to “Will you please help me with a fitness plan?”
  1. Paul T says:

    It’s not what you eat but when you eat it. Luckily you’re 13 so you have age and energy on your side.
    Work your way up to running 3 miles a day. Start out walking to warm up so you don’t hurt yourself. I like to run early in the morning to get it out of the way. Some like to exercise in the evening to burn off calories before they go to bed.

    Breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day. Not only because it give you loads of energy to start off with but also burn off the calories through the day.

    Again it’s not what you eat but when you eat it. I like so stop eating by 6pm so I can burn off all calories by time I go to bed.

    I hope this helps.

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